Assignment 29956

You do not have time to do your own reasearch such as studies or surveys.
You must use at least 3 published works that are scholary journals or peer reviewed papers.
An example of what I mean is the following:
Incorrect: “Terrorism” (you cant find research that proves or disproves this. its just a topic. we dont want topic)
Correct: “Terrorism is Created by Poverty” (can you prove or disprove this? yes. there are studies and papers on this. find them. you are allowed to prove your own statement wrong. you are allowed to have 2 studies say one thing and the other be the opposite. the point is to find the research and explain it to the reader.)
You can have other sources too that are articles from CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, etc. But those arent research sources. those are more filler or statements that fluff the paper to show you are reading stuff about the topic.
USE APA FORMAT!!!!! Here is how to if you arent sure.
How to select a reseach statement
I wont look at your paper until it is finalized. Use friends, school resources and other means to proofread it and make sure it is correct gramatically and in the correct format.
I need minimum of 10-12 pages paper. no plagarism
before stating the paper, just give me a text the topic which you are going to write