Assignment 29970

Font Times New Roman 12 —10 pages double spaced. Cover page, references and images do not count toward the length.I would like to see an introduction, Why did you choose this country and product?Write a conclusion on what you learned through the process.Is the nation the homebase of any large multinational companies?How is globalization influencing the countries jobs and wages, it’s income inequality, and its culture, sovereignty, and physical environment?How does the country rank in terms of its degree of globalization?What benefits can the country offer to businesses seeking a new market or production base?What are the various ethnicities that reside in the nation?List several of the values that people hold dear.What are several of the cultures identifiable manners and customs?Describe in broad terms the nations social structure.How would you describe people‘s perception of time and work?Is the culture relatively open or close to cultural change?How would you classify the nations political, economic, and legal systems?Is government heavily involved in the nations economy?Is the legal system effective and impartial?Does its political economy suggests that the country could be a potential market?What is the level of corruption throughout the political economy?Is legislation pending that may be relevant to international companies?Is it a developed, newly industrializing, emerging, or developing country?What is its gross domestic product (GDP), GDP per capita, and GDP at PPP?How does the country rank in the human development Index?Has it undergone economic transition within the past 20 years?Does any form of political risk pose a threat to the nations economic development?How would you describe the countries international relations?