Hartnell College Week 4 Racial Wars and Racial Purity Discussion

This discussion forum for Week 4 due on Saturday Nov. 7th, prior to 11:55.. There are 2 prompts for this week’s DF. Your lead post is likely to take a bit longer than for other weeks’ Discussions. You should definitely, if you have time, complete this discussion forum because the exercise it entails will be helpful as you prepare for the mid-term.

Prompt 1: Open the file, Prairie Lights Exercise, read the list and select 15 – 20 terms from the list and think about how to relate them to each other in such a way as reconstructs what you’ve learned from Lowawaima’s text (They Called It Prairie Light). 3 might belong closely together and 4 more might belong closely together, etc. Then figure out how to put them together in such a way as to write a couple of paragraphs in which you reconstruct important components of the key historical narrative that summarizes aspects of Lomawaima’s analysis of the Chilocco School. In other words, pick 15 words you can group together to describe or represent the analysis of history presented in the book. You will add your own words to those from the list in order to make sentences and to make sense! You use the words from the list as they are key to her analysis, but you’ll have to place them in sentences you create so that your summary makes sense. Please BOLD AND CAPITALIZE the words from the list. Find the list of terms in Week 4 Module Activities or click here: Prairie lights activity sheet.docx

Prompt 2. Select one question from the Rabbit Proof Fence film viewing guide and discuss a response to the question. Find the film viewing guide in Week 4 Module activities or click here: Film Viewing Guide Rabbit Proof Fence.doc