Imagine that you are a CEO considering the acquisition of another company

Imagine that you are a CEO considering the acquisition of another company. Analyze the company’s merger/acquisition activity so that you can decide if this company would be a strong acquisition, and prepare a 5–7 page report for the executive committee of your company with the results of your analysis. Consider the organization you currently work for or a publicly traded company that has experienced significant merger and acquisition activity over the past 5 years. Use the corporate Web site or the Securities and Exchange Commission Web site (linked in the Resources) to obtain the most recent annual reports and the corporation’s Form 10-K. Use this information to analyze the organization so that you can report the extent of the activity to the executive committee. In your report, address the following: Information about the merger/acquisition activity that the corporation is involved in. Cost of the company’s merger/acquisition and how the cost was allocated. You will need to use the notes to the financial statements and external sources to locate this information. The business strategy motivation for the merger/acquisition. Any information that was included in the company’s Form 10-K that was not available in the company’s annual report.

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