Perspective Influence News and Impact Politics Discussion

Pick a key question related to perspective to investigate. Examples include:

-How and how much does perspective influence news?

-Most researchers argue that social media skews our perspective of reality. How can we mitigate this or will it only get worse?

-Can (or how can) perspective and bias be a good thing?

-How does perspective impact politics?

Your paper must be based on research as well as include your own, original research. Don’t worry; your own research can simply be a survey or interviews. Although your answer to the questions might be based on your own opinion, this is a research paper. You should not use “I” or make personal references.

The key categories for grading are: thesis/evidence, organization, MLA formatting, and grammar. You must use in-text citations and include a Works Cited page in MLA format with at least 3 sources (two must be from the library databases) plus your own original research.

Length: 650+ words