[Solved] Fashion Stock Watch and Analysis Select a Fashion/Apparel…

Fashion Stock Watch and Analysis Select a Fashion/Apparel/Retail Stock to research and track-$10,000 Investment. Please e-mail me your selection by 5:00PM 8/29/2014. Every student should have his or her own company to research. There will be do duplicate companies. First come first serve. You will be called upon in class to give updates from now until the due date. Stocks may be chosen from the companies named in the textbook. Students can use sources such as Standard and Poor’s Corporation Records, the business section of any major newspaper, or financialor from search engine finance sites. Report Name of the stock
 Facts about the company
 Stock exchange that sells the stock
 Stock symbol
 When the company was established
 Subsidies or other brands Fashion-related products produced and/or type of stores Other products/services sold by this company
 Total sales from the previous year
 Any other information about the company (short history, articles in the newspaper and 
magazines, contributions to the fashion industry, and so forth) Has the stock gained or lost in value over the past year, and if so, what is the reason for the 
gain or loss? Watch for “splits” in stock value. Record the value of the stock daily or weekly (if weekly, use the same day each week to record) during the assigned period. Chart the changes in the value of the stock during the assigned period (use graph paper). Remember to label the chart with the company’s name. Explain and detail the fluctuation in stock pricing Competition Market forces Future planning Market and Business forecast from the Company, Industry and Financial Services New products and Innovations Create E-mail Alerts through Google to track company news Your own thoughts, reflection, and analysis of the company. Deliverable: 5-10 Min Presentation with 3-5 slides max. Keep a historical, organized designed process in electronic folder format for submission. Use graphs and spreadsheets in final presentation and work submitted

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