The Devastating Ordeal with Beauty Discussion

Most people have heard the saying (or some variation of) “There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth!” The key thing is perspective and the writer’s perspective have a huge impact on how even seemingly factual writing unfolds. The writer selects what information is included, what is NOT included, and the overall tone and presentation which impact the reader.

There are several famous pieces that have taken an alternate perspective. The major Broadway hit “Wicked” moves from following Dorthy and her experience in the Wizard of Oz to sharing the perspective of the Witches of Oz during that time. Another example is the book The Other Einstein which follows Einstein’s path from his first wife’s eyes. A little hint is that she may have been more involved in his brilliant ideas than he ever gave her credit for!

Now it is your turn to play around with perspective. Select a story or event and re-tell it from another perspective. You don’t have to be 100% factual. One of the easiest things to work with is a fairy tale (such as telling the story of Cinderella from the step-sisters’ point of view), but you are not restricted to that genre. Other ideas include re-telling a historical even from the non-victor’s perspective or telling a story from a non-main character point of view (such as in the previously mentioned musical Wicked or the book The Other Einstein).

You can have fun with this and take the newscaster’s perspective as he/she waits for cue cards or stumbles on pronouncing an unknown name. You might even tell about an earthquake or hurricane from the story of a dog as opposed to the normal perspective of its human owner. Be creative if you want!

Submission: Your response must be a minimum of 200 words.