The topic is New Monetary policy What is QE zero lower bound, unconventional monetary policy Was it successful?

The topic is: New Monetary policy: What is QE, zero lower bound, unconventional monetary policy? Was it successful? What is a good presentation of unconventional monetary policy? Should i include conventional monetary policy as well? Is it good to include the effects it has on housing, interest rate, banks and personal businesses? and if so, what are they? What graphs should i use or demonstrate to create a good powerpoint presentation? The presentation is 15 minutes long and can you summarize what is the crisis in 2008 and what i need to know. as well as QE, lower ground. I need help in deciding a current unconventional monetary policy and how it was successful or not currently. What are the graphs that should be used? and can you teach me how to find them and what website to use? The teacher requests 2 excel graphs, but i want to do 3. Please explain what I need to present in order to get A. Summarize for me in simple terms. I am more practical than analytical. The Rubric for grading is attached as well as the sample powerpoint.

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